Eden Cryptocurrency Exchange

​ With the breakthrough of Bitcoin, blockchain technology is attracting a lot of attention these days, and the need to apply this technology to build next-generation systems is increasing day by day.

The blockchain maintains reliability by including the hash value of the previous block in the next block by collecting the hash value of the block in units called blocks.

In conventional business-to-business transactions, it has been secured by a mechanism that presupposes a credit relationship between the parties, and in order to operate it, not only advanced systems and networks but also know-how to operate it reliably is required. Although the costs and burdens involved were high, blockchain is expected to be used in all fields as it can solve the problems of these conventional systems and at the same time ensure high reliability.

Since the dawn of our company, we have a lineup of skilled engineers who have paid attention to this technology, and we are proposing and building a new generation system for companies.

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